Case Study: Bid Writing Training Success

£0.75BN Public sector ITT of 200 questions – 4 weeks to respond

Stage 1

  • The client assigned a full-time team of 10 SMEs to produce the solution design
  • Supported by an additional 15 people for some non-design related questions
  • None of the team had been trained in bid writing skills or participated in answer review processes
  • All SMEs were trained in Lahara’s bid writing processes for:
    – Competitive analysis and producing key differentiation messages
    – Analysing the questions and producing answer outlines
    – Effective writing techniques
  • Participating in reviews of answer outlines and finished writing
  • Throughout the bid, provided ongoing coaching in applying their newly learned skills

The client won through to Stage 2

Stage 2

  • Later in the year, for Stage 2, provided refresher training for the same team on:
    – Producing answer outlines
    – Effective writing
  • Coached the team throughout the bid process

The client won through to Stage 3 in 1st place, with a score of 83.5%