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Rick Allen, Bid Consultant & Trainer

Rick Allen

Shifting business goals from an award-winning sales career to becoming a bid consultant, bid manager, bid writer, and certified APMP Bid Professional was the springboard for Rick to become one of the UK’s highly reputable bid experts.

Winning bids had been at the core of Rick’s 20-year background in sales, account management and business development. It was a numbers game, and he achieved over £40M in complex solutions sales with major computer vendors, and £50M in international business unit sales with Logica, over a two year period as Head of Business Development.

Rare opportunity led to specialist bid training
It’s quite rare for any bid manager to have the chance to analyse a complex bid prior to submission. But that’s exactly what Rick did. In 2011, in Lynchburg, Virginia, Rick spent six weeks editing the final version of a bid worth £500m+ for a secure radio network for three Canadian provinces.


During this process, he discovered the pitfalls embedded in the bid, and began to apply a range of bid writing techniques he had honed over the years of winning bids, to improve every single answer of this massive bid of many thousands of pages.

The bid won with a score of 96.2%, the highest ever awarded for a Canadian government tender. Following this great win, he was inspired to create a bid writing course to teach these critical bid writing techniques, and the bid processes, used to achieve this high scoring bid. And so the Lahara Bid Writing Training courses were created.

If you’re looking improve your chances of winning your next bid, message Rick with your contact details.

Helen Allen, Marketing Director

Helen Allen

Art has been Helen’s passion since she was a child, which led to her career in graphic design. Combining her perfectionist streak, with a talent for creating beautiful visuals, Helen’s expertise lies in delivering graphic design solutions in her unique, artistic style.

From logos and canvas, to bid graphics
Most of Helen’s earlier design career was filled with creating logos, branding, brochures, audio-visual conferences and speaker support for product launches.

So how did she get into bid graphics? Working alongside her husband, Helen became proficient in editing all the complex bids he was working on.

During that process, she discovered the need for these bids to have clear, effective graphics. Many of them were laden with tired-looking, ineffective graphics.

She began to update many of their clients’ bid graphic libraries, and took on the challenge of making their clients’ bids and executive summaries sparkle with originality, clarity and elegance.

Liaising with bid managers, bid writers and subject matter experts from both small and large bid teams, to analyse their graphic requirements, allows Helen to help clients develop a unique style for their bids.

As a seasoned bid editor, with in-depth knowledge of how to create high scoring answers for bids, Helen reduces complex text and system overviews into simple-to-comprehend graphics, impactful graphics.

Helen is a fine art painter with a range of paintings in limited edition print. She works in oils, acrylics, watercolour and mixed media.

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