Case Study: £500m+ project finance bid in Canada

Massive Bid Led to Development of Lahara's Bid Writing Training

“It was 2011, in Lynchburg, Virginia, when I was afforded a rare opportunity in the world of bids and tenders: to spend 6 weeks editing the final version of a bid worth £500m+ for a secure radio network for 3 Canadian provinces.

The result: a winning score of 96.2%, the highest ever awarded for a Canadian government tender.

To achieve this, I applied a range of bid writing techniques to improve every single answer of this massive bid, that ran to many thousands of pages.

Following this great win, I was inspired to create a bid writing course to teach these critical bid writing techniques, and the bid processes, that I used to achieve this high scoring bid.

Since 2012, I have trained over 150 SMEs to apply these bid writing techniques during numerous major public sector bids. Their feedback scores have been consistently high.

From what I have seen, you are facing an uphill struggle to win bids and tenders if your Subject Matter Experts (SME) haven’t been trained in bid writing, especially for public sector bids, where high scores are paramount.

As a bid trainer, bid consultant, and certified APMP Bid Professional, I can help to transform the way your team of SMEs responds to bids, and help you put in place effective bid processes. My strategies and tools apply to whatever business sector you are in.

It starts with targeted training, based on an assessment of your team’s skills and needs. Most importantly, the team needs to be coached through their next bid, applying the new skills they have learnt. Otherwise, in the pressure of responding to the bid, they will simply go back to their old ways and produce the same old results.”

Rick Allen
Director, Lahara

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