Bid Consultancy

Developing Strategic Bid Processes

Are you losing PQQs and ITTs?

You may be a market leader, with a top product or service, and you should be scoring high for all your bids – but sometimes you may not even be getting through a PQQ.

There can be a number of reasons why this is happening, and it doesn’t take long to find out why.

Most often, our assessments have shown that your team simply did not answer the questions properly.

Other areas that could need attention are: lack of understanding in how to bid competitively; poor bid processes; and outdated writing skills.

How to Raise Your Game

If you don’t have bid professionals writing your responses, then the chances are high that your team is not aware of what it takes to produce a winning bid.

All bids are highly competitive. Public sector bids bring the additional challenge of having to attain the highest score to win.

Any business that wants to succeed must raise their game by:

  • Understanding their bid weaknesses
  • Adopting competitive bidding strategies
  • Upgrading their bid writing skills
  • Implementing best practice bid processes    

The processes Rick has put in place have improved our responses, and pushed us to work on cementing our customer relationships, helping to make us a more profitable company.

He made us take a look at our bidding process from the ground up, and it has moved on to become an intrinsic part of our sales process. 

We have turned into a bidding organization that makes lots of sales!

John Rumsey

Commercial Manager, WAS UK

We can help you have the best chance

of winning new business

I have had the good fortune to recruit Rick as the Bid Manager for a £500m+ project finance bid in Canada. The bid involved 4 other consortium members in three other countries. It was an 18 month pursuit that secured over £200m of capital funding.

Within the complex and turbulent environment Rick brought focus and professionalism. Drawing on industry best practice he ensured that the bid was not only managed efficiently, but that every contributor was aware of how their contribution would win the bid.

His focus on making sure the every sentence written must win a point in evaluation increased the quality and readability beyond my expectations. Time and time again, his dedication to the quality of our response, exceed my expectations.

His commitment to the bid even extended to flying over to North America for 3 weeks before the bid in order to review every page printed and ensure that he handed over the pallet of boxes that contained our bid submission.

Rick made the difference between an adequate and an exceptional response. He has set the bar for bid management and I intend to use him in all of my major bids going forward.

Yann Marston

Director, New Market Strategy, Airwave

Rick Allen, Bid Manager for a £500m+ project finance bid in Canada – pictured here with the printed bid, boxed and ready to deliver.

Rick Allen, Bid Manager for a £500m+ project finance bid in Canada – bid loaded and ready for delivery