Bid Graphics

Original. Stylish. Effective.

Why use a specialist designer:

  • Bring clarity and style to your content
  • Increase evaluator comprehension
  • Support SMEs technical input
  • Stand out from competitors

Bid Graphic Design helps you to:

  • Standardise layouts
  • Convey you core message
  • Update your graphic resources
  • Achieve distinctive bid presentation

Our Bid Graphic process involves:

  • Understanding your graphic requirement
  • Creating custom design templates
  • Sourcing and/or creating new images
  • Producing slide presentations & print

Key design considerations for your bid graphics

Corporate Image

Leave your mark on the evaluator’s mind by careful placement of your company logo.

Co-ordinating your logo’s colour scheme throughout your bid will add to its visual impact.

Colour Scheme

Colour is an emotive component. Used well, it can greatly influence your evaluator.

Colour schemes may either represent your own corporate image, or incorporate your clients’ image as well.


To enable your message to be conveyed in the most effective way possible, the overall look of your proposal needs to be visualised right at the start.

This includes: headers, captions, backgrounds, etc.

Photographic Images

Images need to be at least 300dpi for quality print, but if your bid is through online submission, 72dpi is sufficient.

Some photographs may require retouching and new images may need to be sourced.


Different type styles, fonts, sizes, colour and emphasis, all have a great impact on your message.

Establish your bid styles from the start, and collect them into a style sheet for your entire bid project.

Print Management

Schedule enough time for printing your final documents which can take days to do.

Periodic printouts should be done throughout the bid production process, to check for design quality and for proofreading.


Tired, old-fashioned graphics reduce the quality and comprehension of your bid.

For maximum effect in conveying your message and impressing your evaluator, have new graphics produced.

Slide Presentations

Nobody likes to sit through boring visual presentations.

Let us style your presentation, to captivate your audience and enable easy comprehension of your key content.

Clarity enhances comprehension

Create "In-House" Style for Your Bid

The presentation and style of your proposal will represent you and your company’s image, product and/or service to your potential client.

Your evaluator will remember twice as much from your graphics and images as he/she will from your text, and will be impressed by the proposal that was easiest to comprehend.

The style of your proposal needs to work seamlessly across all media: documents, slide presentation and CD label.

You need to visualise from the start, how best to convey your message through images. This will cut down on the time it takes to form your text.

With our specialist knowledge of how to write high scoring answers, we work closely with SMEs to ensure their core message is translated into the most effective and easy-to-comprehend graphics. This enables fast comprehension and greatly simplifies the evaluator’s task of grasping your core message. 

Importance of High Quality Bid Graphics

Evaluators need to grasp your company’s core bid message as quickly as possible. Using a specialist bid graphic designer will enhance the impact of your graphics and increase readability.

After submitting your bid, it’s up to the quality of both content and imagery to get your message across in the most impactful way.

Great bid design and graphics can strengthen your message, increase the effectiveness of your communication and influence your evaluator.

Increase the quality of your bid – book a session to assess your bid design and graphic resources.

Are you using tired, old-fashioned and unclear graphics?

Let us work with your SMEs, and get your bid graphic library into an up-to-date, reusable state for fast absorption into your bidding process.

Our clients include: