Bid Management

Co-ordinate. Organise. Direct.

Bid management is crucial
to winning new business
and keeping existing contracts

Bidding for business, particularly large commercial contracts or government procurements, is ultra-competitive.

It demands a knowledgeable, skilled team to succeed.


If your company wants a professional looking bid that is ‘up there’ with the competition, this is the process to go down. But it takes time.

John Rumsey, Commercial Manager, WAS 

What changes will you make for your next bid?

1. Best Practice Bid Process

A critical component to winning is to drive your next bid using proven bid management processes.

No-one can produce a bid single-handedly. Strong leadership and team work are paramount.

We will work closely with your core team, to implement our proven processes.

Combined with an effective review process, we can ensure you will be submitting a fully compliant bid on time, to give your organisation the best possible chance of winning.




2. Bid Writing Training

Answering the questions in complex bid documents requires a strong set of skills to gain the highest score.

The first step is to ensure that you are actually answering the question. Our structured approach will ensure full compliance.

The next step is to write your answers so they are easy to evaluate and will score highly.

Our battle-hardened Bid Writing Training course will fully prepare your team to strongly compete on your next bid.
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3. Checklists and Templates

To produce and submit a fully compliant bid on time requires organisation, attention to detail, and key management tools.

Over many years, we have honed a practical set of bid management checklists for each key stage of the bid production process.

These are great time savers for producing high scoring answers.

We have also developed styled templates and writing guides that can be customised to your particular requirements.

4. Live Bid Coaching

Your SMEs have a day job, which isn’t to write bids.

A key problem in providing Bid Training is that it’s all forgotten by the time the next bid arrives.

The most effective way to embed the new bid writing skills, is for us to coach your team during a live bid.

We will also help to co-ordinate and manage the review processes, to ensure a high scoring ITT response.




How can we support your bid team?

Read what our clients say

I found you enthusiastic and energetic to work with, and someone who brought a new perspective.

Critically to me, you could get on with things with minimum direction, which was essential given the volume of work the team was dealing with. For the work you did for us:

  • With the bid text, we would not have got the design text ready without your input. You went about getting input from the team in a systematic way
  • With the exec summary, you provided a useful fresh set of eyes to question some of the things we have done in the past, which lead to a much better document
Jerome Kearns

Bid Director, Balfour Beatty

We have been very impressed with the work you did for us in getting us to this stage. The client feedback has been nothing but positive remarks, actually lots of gushing from NYSE on the professionalism of the response and presentation, they love it and it obviously helped us reach stage we are now at with them.

Working with you was most entertaining and a great pleasure, you know your stuff and you know how to handle objections in a pleasant way, and I would indeed recommend you to other people.

Kate Lovell

Office Manager, Copperdime

Carlsberg don’t do bid management…but if they did, Rick would be running the department. This man makes a real difference!
Chris Dawes

Business Development and Sales Leader, Airwave

Within the complex and turbulent environment Rick brought focus and professionalism. Drawing on industry best practice he ensured that the bid was not only managed efficiently, but that every contributor was aware of how their contribution would win the bid.
Yann Marston

Director, New Market Strategy, Airwave

Rick, thanks once again for your sterling efforts and great job done.  Myself and my team appreciated your valuable contributions.
Nick Martin

Trace One

Our clients include: