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How to Write a Winning Commercial Bid

If you don’t get the marks, you can’t win the bid

Is your bid writing team getting low scores for their written answers, and you can’t see the reason why?

To win a public sector bid, you have to score the highest marks. Price is always a factor, but it is often the scores for your written answers that will decide it.

Does your team know how to get high scores? If they don’t, then your business is investing a lot of time and effort in failing bids.

We have developed bid writing techniques to ensure you are answering the question, and to enable fast comprehension by the evaluators.

What will make your bid stand out from the competition?

Producing a winning proposal, requires a combination of competitive strategy, effective bid process, and results-oriented writing skills.

To grab the attention of the evaluators, your bid writing team must hone in on the key issues, and write believable, results-oriented answers.

Winning a bid is no accident. Does your team know how to produce an exceptional response?

Your team will learn proven techniques in competitive analysis, answer outlining and bid writing, enabling them to craft persuasive proposals

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Upgrade Your Bid Writing Skills

Read what our clients say

Most useful part of the training was reducing the team’s fears of preparing a response, by breaking down the process into bite-sized, manageable chunks.

John Rumsey

Commercial Manager, WAS UK

Most useful part of the training was learning techniques and processes to follow with checklists.

Great course from a very knowledgeable professional!

Andy Robinson

Head of Operations, Ortus Technology Ltd

Learning about how best to resource and manage the proposal process effectively, structuring answers and bid/no bid were all really useful processes.

Zoe Stanton

CCO, Uscreates