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How to Win a Public Sector ITT

Winning a public sector ITT requires a three pronged approach of: Best practice bid management processes Sales involvement with the potential customer Proven methods to achieve high scoring answers Implementing best practice bid management processes will produce the...

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Bids Must Always Be 100% Compliant

Writing Winning Bids Is Hard Work We might think it's OK if we don’t provide a response to one or two small points within a question, or try to pass off out-of-date certification – the evaluators don’t.   Ensuring our response is 100% compliant is something we know we...

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Always Conduct A Bid Debrief – Even When You Win

 The bid has been submitted, and it’s great news – you have won! Although you have won, I highly recommend that you request a debrief with your client. There is a very good chance they will be quite surprised that you want one. Conducting a debrief is a great...

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