Winning Public Sector Bids

Requires High Scoring Answers
About Bid Writing Training

You have to score the most points to succeed in public sector bids

Winning is not just based upon price. If you don’t know how to write high-scoring answers, you’ll probably wind up with a poor win rate.

Without a game plan that works to address this issue, your investment of both time and money will be wasted.

Your bid writers and subject matter experts can be transformed into a winning team

This is our speciality – we can help you to win new business

  • Lahara’s training course is specifically designed to teach you “How to Write High Scoring Answers”
  • We will work closely with your SMEs and technical writers to produce your next proposal
  • Training during a live bid is the best way to embed this winning bid writing process

Carlsberg don’t do bid management…but if they did, Rick would be running the department. This man makes a real difference!

Chris Dawes

Business Development and Sales Leader, Airwave

Why Lahara's Bid Writing Training Works

We have been writing, managing and winning bids for decades, for a wide range of clients across the globe.

Out of that crucible of pressure, we’ve learned what really works. So we carefully crafted and developed bid writing techniques which optimise bid writing for fast comprehension by the evaluator.

Implementing these techniques will naturally gain you a high score, because you will have made it easier for the evaluator to understand your response to their question.

We have understood that people on a bid writing team need one-to-one mentoring during a live bid.

So we have turned our knowledge and expertise into a training course for how to write high scoring answers, and we mentor your bid writers every step of the way.

This step-by-step process helps bid writers to utilise and embed every vital technique needed to gain the highest score.

The proposal has come out in ‘flesh and blood’ and looks marvellous.

Everyone is excited and people have been lavish in their praises.

Rajesh Menon

Audit Manager, KPMG Bahrain

Bidding with Confidence

Without a ‘hands-on’ approach, the pain of upgrading your team’s skills can become a wasted investment.

Our hands-on experience of working on live bids means we have had the chance to put everything we teach into practice, to achieve winning results.

Ordinarily, it’s not easy for SMEs to make changes from deeply embedded writing habits and styles, particularly when the stakes are high during the pressure of a current bid.


Using Lahara’s step-by-step approach, you can have 100% confidence when submitting your next bid.

Allowing your SMEs to go through Lahara’s Bid Writing Training just before, or during, a live bid, will enable successful bid writing process to become part of their skill set.

This removes the risk of introducing a new set of processes that nobody has enough experience of doing, or knowing that they actually work.

With our high win rate, you can be as confident as we are, that our process works.

Bid Writing Training

Need to revamp your entire bidding strategy?

Even if you are a market leader with a top products or services, if you are not winning your bids, you need to upgrade your bidding strategy.

We will look at the process of how you approach your Pre-Qualification Questionnaires (PQQ), Invitations To Tender (ITT), establish a “Do’s & Don’ts” policy to avoid poor scores and much more.

Our clients include: