Commercial Bid Writing Training

2 Day Course: How to Write a Winning Commercial Bid

Effective action when your bid arrives

Customer-focused approach to presenting solution

Consistently write high quality responses

Raise your game by implementing team reviews

Ensure your bid is error free, and submitted on time

Continually improving your bid process

What will make your bid stand out from the competition?

Producing a winning proposal, requires a combination of competitive strategy, effective bid process, and results-oriented writing skills?

To grab the attention of the evaluators, your bid writing team must hone in on the key issues and write believable, results-oriented answer.

Winning a bid is no accident. Does your team know how to produce an exceptional response?

Your team will learn proven techniques in competitive analysis, answer outlining and bid writing, enabling them to craft persuasive proposals. 

Bid Writing Training for Commercial Bids

To succeed in bidding against strong competitors, you must have a sound, competitive bid strategy. That starts with assessing how you stack up against them, and knowing exactly where to target your bid writing efforts.

You then need an effective set of bid processes that will take your team through all the right development steps needed to produce an exceptional, winning proposal.

Add a proven proposal structure to highlight your solution from the client’s perspective. Mix in results-oriented writing skills to craft every answer. This recipe will produce the best possible sales document to go in front of the client’s bid evaluation team.

Taking your bid manager and bid writing team through our bid writing training for commercial bids could be what makes the difference between you winning, or losing, your next bid.

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How will your team benefit?

At the end of this training, your bid manager and bid writing team will know:

  • How to assess your competitive position and translate that into a winning, proposal strategy
  • Exactly what steps to follow at each stage of the proposal development process
  • What proposal structure is the most effective in presenting a customer-focused solution
  • How to consistently write results-oriented answers that the client will actually want to read
  • The importance of doing team reviews, and how they can make a huge difference to your response
  • Why proofreading matters
  • How to continually up your game against your competitors

What’s in the brochure? Course Modules 1-6:

  1. Bid Preparation

2. Proposal Structure

3. Writing the Answers

4. Effective Reviews Process

5. Proofreading, Printing, Bid Submission

6. After Bid Submission

Who is the training for?

Your bid manager and technical writing team. Anyone who is involved in writing competitive tenders.

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Bid Writing Training brochure for:

What is in the training?

The course consists of the following modules: 

Bid Preparation – developing your winning proposal strategy, and getting all your checklists, bid filing and other resources read

Proposal Structure – a proven approach that showcases your results-driven solution, and ensures your team is answering the client’s questions correctly

Writing the Answers – your bid writing team will learn how to consistently produce high-quality, persuasive responses, that are easy-to-read and evaluate

Effective Reviews Process – the secret weapon that can take your entire response to another level

Proofreading, Printing, Bid Submission – ensuring an error free, on-time bid of the highest possible quality

After Bid Submission – reusing the submitted bid content, seeking customer feedback, and applying the lessons learned will significantly improve the quality and effectiveness of your future proposals

Bid Writing Training in your office space

Read what our clients say

Thank you! I just want to have a quick rave about the training yesterday delivered by Rick.

It was very interesting, engaging and informative and provided a real insight into how to deliver a successful bid.

More importantly I felt inspired to get more involved and now feel much better equipped as a subject matter expert to deliver the right content for the bid process. I don’t think I was alone on this. Very impressed!

Emma Devenish

Head of Sustainability, Airwave

Most useful part of the training was reducing the team’s fears of preparing a response, by breaking down the process into bite-sized, manageable chunks.
John Rumsey

Commercial Manager, WAS UK

Great course and really enjoyed it! Can’t wait to put it into practice!

Look forward to working with you…

Craig Hall

Managing Director, Ortus Technology Ltd

I found the most useful part of the training to be learning tools and methods for breaking down the process. Great course! Much better than expected!
Gunnar Zimmerman

Head of Medical Sales, Ortus Technology Ltd

Rick is obviously very skilled in this area and fully committed to helping us get through the next stage of our bid. 

He was prepared & organised for the course, achieved his stated objectives and his skills were effective.

Jason Tandy

Service Design & Transition Manager, Airwave

Breaking down the questions to create answer outlines, and having techniques for getting ideas and building the content was very helpful.
Darren Sullivan

Business Development, WAS UK

Excellent! Rick was clear and consice with his course delivery.

Most useful part of the training? Everything! Really helped me to understand and breakdown the process. It was all helpful.

Richard Skingley

Business Development, WAS UK

Most useful part of the training was learning techniques and processes to follow with checklists.

Great course from a very knowledgeable professional!

Andy Robinson

Head of Operations, Ortus Technology Ltd

Learning about how best to resource and manage the proposal process effectively, structuring answers and bid/no bid were all really useful processes.

Zoe Stanton

CCO, Uscreates

The outlining of questions was extremely useful. It’s something I thought I knew how to do already, but I was wrong, and this course has really helped me learn this skill which will lead to much better, and winning answers.

Simon Read

Director of Public Safety UK, Saab Defence and Security

An excellent training of real value. Very thought provoking towards other sales areas. Most useful part of the training was: layout, SWOT, outlining.

Rick is a TOP bloke!

Tom Howlett

After-Sales Engineer, WAS UK

The structured approach to responding to a tender and following an organised process was really useful.

Steve Loftus

Technical Sales Manager, Ortus Technology Ltd

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Bid Writing Training brochure for: